Have A Good Laugh

April is a great month for a lot of reasons, the temperatures are getting warmer, the days are getting longer and Spring is finally in the air! But there’s one extra special reason why April is so much fun; it’s National Humor Month! Who doesn’t love to laugh? They say it’s the best medicine, after … Continue reading Have A Good Laugh

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Spring Has Sprung!

March 20 marks the first day of spring which means blooming flowers, green grass, longer days and of course, SPRING CLEANING! While this may not be the best part of the season, it is somewhat necessary if you want to embrace the ‘renewal’ element that spring brings with it. We want to make your spring … Continue reading Spring Has Sprung!

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National Pizza Day

Mosquito Joe North Atlanta | Pizza Day

February has one of the best holidays of the year; and it’s not Valentine’s Day. But what could be better than a fat little cherub doling out true love via bow & arrow? There’s only one answer to that question & it’s PIZZA. “National Pizza Day” falls on February 9th and is the perfect time … Continue reading National Pizza Day

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New Year Resolutions You’ll Want To Keep

Mosquito Control Services | New Year 2018

It’s a brand-new year which is also the perfect time for some new beginnings. Instead of focusing on common goals like weight loss, saving money or getting more sleep (all great ideas, by the way), we wanted to share some suggestions for easy resolutions that are almost impossible not to keep! Get ready to recharge, … Continue reading New Year Resolutions You’ll Want To Keep

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Wacky December Holidays

Mosquito Joe North Atlanta | Christmas Holidays

December is a great month for celebrating! There are many well-known holiday events throughout the 31 chilly days including Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Hanukkah, December Solstice & New Year’s Eve. Since these holidays normally get all the attention, we wanted to give some lesser known December days the love they deserve. National Mutt day (Dec … Continue reading Wacky December Holidays

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