Are You Really Ready For Summer?

Are You Really Ready For Summer?

Get Prepared with Mosquito Joe

May is here! And you know what that means; it’s almost time for all those fun summer activities like BBQs, beach trips, amusement park adventures, time by the pool and outside games! However, there is one guest you definitely don’t want at your summer celebrations and that is the pesky mosquito. Fortunately, Mosquito Joe of North Atlanta can help you out by eliminating mosquitoes from your Summer fun (we can also help if you have any leftover BBQ goodness!) Mosquito Joe of North Atlanta provides many control and treatment options to eradicate outdoor pests including mosquitoes, fleas and ticks.

The Mosquito Joe of North Atlanta team can treat your property in several different ways:

Barrier Sprays: Your first line of defense against these annoying party crashers is by utilizing one of our barrier spray treatments! These mosquito control options are administered by professional Mosquito Joe technicians and work best when reapplied every 21 days. We’ll also treat where the mosquitoes breed to eliminate the problem at its source. The barrier spray is the essential treatment for getting back out into the great outdoors.

All-Natural Treatments: If you’re looking for a more natural way to tell mosquitoes to bug off, Mosquito Joe of North Atlanta has got you covered! Our all-natural treatment spray use solutions made with garlic, rosemary and other earth-friendly ingredients. Our all-natural treatment sprays immediately repel mosquitoes but have to be re-applied every 14 days for ultimate freedom from swatting.

Misting Systems: Living in a mosquito jungle? Misting systems may be your best bet to keep the bloodsuckers at bay. A certified Mosquito Joe technician will install the misting system sprayers around your property in order to maximize spraying effects right when you need it most.

Special Event Sprays: Remember those BBQs we were talking about earlier? Well, this is the perfect mosquito eliminating spray for one those unique one-time events. Whether it’s an outdoor party, a wedding or anything in between, the friendly folks at Mosquito Joe of North Atlanta will ensure your event is very special indeed.

Commercial Services: Does your business have an outdoor area with some unwanted guests flying around? Mosquito Joe of North Atlanta is happy to come out to your business, inspect the property and spray the surrounding area with either our barrier spray or all-natural treatment option; the choice is yours!

We want you to have the best summer ever and hope that our services will make outside fun again for you and your family. If you’d like more information about any of the mosquito control treatments listed here or if you’d like to make an appointment, give us a shout at 404-996-1381.


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