Halloween Costume Guide

Halloween Costume Guide

The month of October offers many treats including cooler weather, pumpkin hunting and fall hayrides, but perhaps the biggest treat of all is what happens at the very end of the month – HALLOWEEN. And while candy is certainly a wonderful part of this beloved holiday, it’s safe to say that the best part of this spooky celebration is the costumes!

Here is your very own Halloween Costume Treats and Tricks Guide For 2017.

Treat – Game of Thrones. You’ll be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t love this show or at least someone who hasn’t seen this show. There are so many characters to choose from which makes it even more fun to be creative. Granted not every one on this TV series is a treat but at least they all have personality! Our #1 pick: Jon Snow.

Trick – Scary Clown. Much to the dismay of many people, there’s going to be a few creepy clowns making appearances this Halloween season. You can thank a certain horror story writer for the nightmares. Oh, and if you see a red balloon, run in the other direction.

Treat – Wonder Woman. It doesn’t get any cooler than Wonder Woman! You get to rock a crown, cape AND lasso of truth; where do we sign up? Fulfill your childhood dream and step into the stylish red, blue and gold ensemble that was first made famous in the 70s.

Trick – Zombies. This idea isn’t going away anytime soon due in part to the success of shows like “The Walking Dead” and because it’s an easy plus fun costume to put together. A dirtied shirt, a little garbled speak, a slow walk and poof – you too can be amongst the undead.

Whether you choose to be sweet or scary this Halloween season, we hope you stay safe and enjoy your night with friends and family! Also, don’t forget that Mosquito Joe of North Atlanta can help control the ‘bloodsuckers’ in your yard on Halloween night with a barrier spray or all natural treatment spray. Give us a call at 404-996-1381 or email northatlanta@mosquitojoe.com for more information!

What are you going to be for Halloween? Let us know in the comments!


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