Wacky December Holidays

Wacky December Holidays

December is a great month for celebrating! There are many well-known holiday events throughout the 31 chilly days including Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Hanukkah, December Solstice & New Year’s Eve. Since these holidays normally get all the attention, we wanted to give some lesser known December days the love they deserve.

National Mutt day (Dec 2) – Who doesn’t want to celebrate man’s best friend? Especially when man’s best friend is a mix of several different dog breeds. There are a few famous mutts who carved out their spot in history including Spike from Old Yeller (Labrador/Mastiff mix) and Higgins from Benji (Spaniel mix).

Pretend To Be A Time Traveler Day (Dec 8) – Ever wanted to go back to the days of yore? With this wacky holiday, you can at least pretend to do so! This holiday, created in 2007, can send your imagination into the past or into the future; the possibilities are endless. Victorian, Middle Ages, Stone Age, Roaring 20s – it’s all up for grabs on the 8th of December.

National Cupcake Day (Dec 15) – Red velvet, salted caramel, strawberry shortcake, lemon drop, toasted coconut and vanilla are just a few of the delicious choices you have to pick from on National Cupcake Day! Grab a glass of milk and a few frosted treats to celebrate this sugary sweet day in style.

Eggnog Day (Dec 24) – Cozy up to the fireplace and enjoy eggnog day with a cup of this milky and spicy-sweet concoction. You can even add eggnog to pies, cakes, breads or your morning coffee. Garnish your festive drink with a sprig of rosemary or a sprinkling of nutmeg.

Thank You Note Day (Dec 26) – Now that Christmas is officially over, it’s a perfect time for a hand written thank you note! Let your friends and family know how much they (or their gifts) meant to you this holiday season with a sweet proclamation of gratitude.

National Bacon Day (Dec 30) – We’re sure after all this time traveling & hand writing notes, you’ve worked up a bit of an appetite. Thankfully, National Bacon Day is here to save you. Fry some up in a pan, bake some in the oven or pile several strips on a sandwich with lettuce & tomato. You can’t go wrong with this salty treat.

Make Up Your Mind Day (Dec 31) – End the year the right way by making up your mind! You can make up your mind about how great 2017 was or make up your mind about how wonderful 2018 will be. Whatever you decide, we know you’ll have an easy time making up your mind about how much you love Mosquito Joe. We are always here to meet your backyard needs with our barrier spray & all natural spray services.

We wish you a wonderful holiday season filled with Christmas cheer, cupcakes, notes, bacon and itch-free living!



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