Meet a Joe: Jason Hwang

Meet a Joe: Jason Hwang

Meet Jason Hwang, our self-proclaimed, “fearless technician.” Jason is a technician for Mosquito Joe of North Atlanta and says there is not a bug in the world that he fears!

Here are some fun facts about Jason:

What is your favorite part of the position?
Because I’m a student, I tend to spend a lot of time sitting or even laying – I don’t get much exercise. Doing this job has helped me stay active because I get to walk around and be outside all day instead of crammed up inside studying.

What led you to work for Mosquito Joe?
My friend Seth was already working here, and he loved it. He told me to give it try and even gave me a refence and now here I am.

What is your favorite Mosquito Joe tagline?
My favorite one is “your backyard, our battlefield” because it’s reality. We come there to do a job and with that in mind, that is the perfect tagline.

What has been your funniest experience while working here?
It was actually my first day on the job. I feel like I may have jinxed myself because I distinctly remember saying this wouldn’t happen and then it happened. I was putting on and adjusting my pack and the five-gallon tank attached to it fell and spilled all over me. I was soaked!

What has been your scariest experience while working here?
I haven’t had any to be honest and I’m definitely not afraid of bugs, or this would be a bad job to do.